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Local Knowledge prides itself on understanding local business listing data for Turkey and the Middle East. Over the past 10 years we have captured, verified, parsed, de-duplicated, categorized, geocoded and managed millions of local business listings.

Each country in the region is unique apart from the local language. Addressing and geocoding a business listing is very different in Turkey and the Middle East.

Turkish addresses for example have both a building name and number. There are side streets and districts and areas that are essential information for a business to be found.

In the Middle East a majority of business addresses are actually PO Boxes with the physical location of the business someplace else. This “other or real” location is the business location that customers need to know and find on their mobile devices and the web.

Cleansing and verifying business listings requires local knowledge, that local knowledge are the business listing experts working on the Local Knowledge team who actually live in the country or region. Not only are they business listing and geocoding experts but they call on a life-time of local knowledge and understanding of what a location is all about in their respective towns or cities. Don’t count on a call center 8,000 kilometers away to understand a local listing in Turkey or the Middle East.

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