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Local Knowledge Understands Emerging Market Business Listing Data.
We Offer an Essential Suite of Local Listing Verification and Compilation Services.

Local Business Listing Services

POI/Business Listing Verification Services

Local Business Listing data needs to be verified to ensure consumer satisfaction and engagement. Local business listing services include basic NAP (name, address, phone) hygiene to more detailed verification of category(s), geolocations, website, email, business hours, forms of payment accepted, specialties and a variety of other rich content and media attributes.

Local Business Listing Compilation

Turn raw business listing data into accurate granular local business listings with all essential contact fields compiled to ensure business discovery and contactability. Attributes include registered business name, doing business as name, complete address, category, business hours, forms of payment, phone number, email address and website compilation. Also custom business listing compilation services are available for specific industry verticals.

Local Listing Translation

Local business listing translation services include bidirectional translation of Turkish/English and Arabic/English. Native Turkish and Arabic professional translators translate in correct regional context to ensure both local and international business listing discoverability.

Local Business Listing Geocoding

Though quite successfully used in the west, the team at Local Knowledge feel automated geocoding does not offer consistent results or accuracy in the emerging markets of Turkey and the Middle East. To ensure local business discovery in Turkey and the Middle East, a local business location should be geocoded manually. Local Knowledge geocoding specialists are highly skilled at manually geocoding business locations to local search, digital mapping and navigation industry standards.

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