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SoLoMo is an acronym for three words we all know well, Social, Local and Mobile.

The SMB SoLoMo concept in its most basic form, is the foundation of an essential “check list” any forward thinking business owner would use as a guide in ensuring that their bricks and mortar business location is easily discoverable on a wide variety of social, local and mobile search platforms.

Most small business owners are experts in their respective fields. Ask a butcher about a specific cut of meat or the owner of a paint store about creating a specific paint colour and texture and you’ll be sure to get an impressive response filled with insight, knowledge, confidence that gives you trust. Small business owners know their stuff when it comes to their businesses – that is why we go to them.

So why should we expect a small business owner to know anything about their local listing being found on search engines, digital maps, social media and mobile apps? It’s not their specialty.

SMB SoLoMo is a concept created by Local Knowledge that allows business owners to understand the importance of a digital presence for their business but not necessarily makes them try to figure out how to create and manage it themselves. After all, we don’t mix our paint or cut our own steaks – at least most of us don’t!

Just like Brand SoLoMo, SMB SoLoMo focuses on ensuring a local business can be accurately found on all essential search engines, digital maps, social networks, directories and millions of mobile apps.

So in the emerging markets of Turkey and the Middle East, which social, local and mobile platforms are the essential platforms that consumers use to find local businesses and their respective location?

Search Engines

Every local business location needs to have an indexable mobile optimized or better yet a responsive digital point of presence. It doesn’t even have to be a website, just a page that the search engines can use to identify a local business and deliver it to a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It could be a page in a local directory or a simple web card. It just needs too have it’s own URL for the specific business location.


Digital Maps and Navigation Systems

It is absolutely essential for every single business location to be accurately addressed and geocoded and shared with the digital mapping platforms of the world. Just think, everyone with a smart phone in their hands has a digital map in their hands. For emerging markets like Turkey and the Middle East it is virtually guaranteed to be a Google Map, Apple Map or Yandex Map that they are accessing on their mobile phones. Ever wonder how business get listed on in-car navigation systems? Well that is compliments of Here Maps (the world’s largest digital map company) and TomTom Maps. Get your business into the hands of your consumers by sharing your location with these mapping platforms.


Social Media and Local Directories

For Turkey and the Middle East it is essential to make sure your business location is accurately addressed and geocoded and shared with Facebook, Foursquare and other local directories specific to the region.


Local Knowledge understands the business listing discovery landscape and can ensure your business location in Turkey or the Middle East can be found by anyone looking on a mobile device, the web, or a navigation system.

The SMB SoLoMo Platform empowers business owners to ensure customers can find their store whatever they are using to find it.

Let Local Knowledge help your customers find your business today. Contact us and we’ll help you get discovered!

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